Treatment Services for Adults

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Feel Confident in Your Smile

At Greg Brown Orthodontics, we believe it’s never too late to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile. Many adults choose orthodontic treatment for various reasons, such as crowded or spaced teeth, tooth decay or periodontal disease, jaw pain or discomfort caused by misaligned teeth or jaws, teeth that do not come together correctly, worn or missing teeth, incomplete orthodontic treatment as a teen, or simply a desire for a healthier mouth and more confident smile.

Today’s orthodontic technology offers many more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing treatment options, such as Invisalign®, low-profile brackets, and clear braces. At Greg Brown Orthodontics, we provide customized orthodontic treatment plans for adults that fit your lifestyle and needs.

The Benefits of Adult Treatment Services

Orthodontic treatment as an adult offers many benefits, such as a healthier mouth and improved self-confidence. Teeth that are not appropriately aligned are challenging to brush and floss, leading to tooth decay and periodontal disease. These conditions continue to worsen over time and do not fix themselves unless the cause of the problem is addressed. With our advanced technology and treatment options, we can provide a comfortable and efficient orthodontic experience for our adult patients, helping them achieve a beautiful and confident smile.

Big, bulky braces are a thing of the past and do not need to discourage you from achieving a healthier smile. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation for adult braces or Invisalign® at Greg Brown Orthodontics.

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